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John Mike is the CEO/Visionary of Dynamics Music Inc. A multi-faceted organization specializing in Music Production, Music Education and Music Equipment Sales. With close to 20 Years of musical experience, John has studied and performed in many venues both professional and non-professional. He can play many instruments, but piano is his primary instrument. He has been a private music educator for 10 years and has taught all ages, races and gender. He studied Music Production at Full Sail University and is currently pursuing a active career in that field. His list of skills are proficiency in post-production mixing and mastering, Audio Restoration, Audio Archiving, Fluency in use of Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop CS5, Motion 5 and Adobe Aftereffects. John currently resides in the city of Jackson, TN. a city nestled right between Memphis and Nashville TN. He is married to his wife of 8 Years Timond and is a loving father of 6 beautiful Children, Judah,Hannah, Josiah, Jonathan, Zion and Zoey. He also serves as the Minister of Music at his church, a position he has held for the past 20 years. Overall, He has a rich and deep love for all styles and genres of music and a deep love for his Faith. Both of which show up in every production he does!
2102, 2015

MainStage Tips and Tricks: How to Speed up or Slow Down Backing Tracks

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In this Video I will show you how to speed up or slow down you’re backing tracks, Stem tracks or Click Tracks inside MainStage 3!

2011, 2014

Modern Musicians Dictionary: How to Run Click Tracks Live

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Now that we know what a Click Track is it’s time to explore the different ways to set them up and play them in a live church service. There are several effective ways to do this and will explore a few different methods in this post.

Creating a Click Track
The first step is to create a […]

1811, 2014

Modern Musician Dictionary: What is MainStage?

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      So what is MainStage? MainStage is a performance software for musicians that is used to play and or utilize virtual instruments and effects from your computer in a live setting. It is also the sister software to Logic Pro, a digital audio workstation or DAW used by world renown producers and studios […]