2303, 2015

13 Ways to Manage your CPU in Mainstage 3

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MainStage is an amazing program. There isn’t another application out there that can do all mainstage can do. But it’s easy to set things up in a way that is not best for your CPU. I use mainstage every time I play And i typically get about 20-50% of CPU usage as I play. there […]

1203, 2015

Principles of Minstrelship: Skilled vs. UnSkilled

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I’m definitely not saying that musicians should not strive to be better…to practice, to perfect etc. I myself put hours of time weekly into practicing and learning and perfecting my craft….Honestly that is a given when it comes to playing any instrument…However this post was not meant to target that….more so to engage the minds […]

2011, 2014

Modern Musicians Dictionary: How to Run Click Tracks Live

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Now that we know what a Click Track is it’s time to explore the different ways to set them up and play them in a live church service. There are several effective ways to do this and will explore a few different methods in this post.

Creating a Click Track
The first step is to create a […]