*Please note that you don’t have to play a musical instrument to be considered a Musician or a Minister of Music

I’ve had this question posed to me at least a dozen times…What’s the difference between a Minister of Music and a musician? Well, through my many years of working in the field of music ministry, I’ve noticed quite a few things about this area of ministry that can be kinda disturbing. But one thing for sure is there is definitely a strong dissolution between both categories. In my last post “Principles of Minstrel-Ship: What is a Minstrel?” I dealt briefly with the synonymous term to minister of music called a “minstrel”and what it means to be one. One of the problems I’ve seen over the years is that too many of our musicians in the body of Christ lack the true character that is required to be a Minister of Music. They are in the club on Saturday night and in the church on Sunday morning, they often participate in many other godless activities such as: smoking, drinking, wrong sexual relationships (both homosexual and heterosexual), cursing, drug use, and many other things that the Bible specifically speaks AGAINST. Homosexuality is very prevalent, I’m sure anyone of us knows or has known a choir director, singer or musician that struggles with this. And even if they are not gay then they seem to have homosexual tendencies. Alot of our professionals in the industry utilize secular music and artists in a number of their songs. Gospel music, just as any other genre has become big business. A lot of our local musicians demand outrageous salaries before they would strike or sing a single note. I do believe as it says in the scriptures that “In the last days, men will hold a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof.” So, this is what we have, a bunch of musicians and singers who are not godly but hold a godly title. A true Minister of Music is in essence a person who serves his or her church or community through music, paid or unpaid. Just like being called into the ministry to preach, you must be called to be a Minister of Music. A musician is just an employee, it’s an occupation. Now before you start throwing stones at me, there is nothing wrong with singing or playing to make a living. I’ve done it for the past 10 years and have made a pretty good living and supported my family through the salary I make at my church. But, what we want to make a dissolution between what it means to be a musician and to be a Minister of Music. I have outlined below eight characteristics of a minister of music and eight characteristics of a musician. Please read them, compare yourself to them and then answer this question: Which are you?

Minister of Music:

1. Plays a musical instrument or sings
2. Saved
3. Has been called to Minister in music and is faithful to the call (not church hopping for money)
4. Lives a consecrated life
5. Level of talent doesn’t have to be as strong as a willing heart
6. Has a heart to serve even if just on a volunteer basis
7. Has an ear to hear what GOD wants them to play/sing
8. Is only concerned about exalting God through their music


1. Plays a musical instrument or Sings
2. Does not have to be saved
3. Does not have to be called
4. Does not have to live a consecrated life
5. Must be talented or Skillful
6. Will not serve unless compensated
7. Plays or sings what they want
8. Is only concerned about Exalting themselves