Seems like a pretty simple concept right? But how many of us actually put this into practice? How many times do you sit down at the organ or keyboard, or pick up a guitar or drumsticks when you get to church and just start playing without an inkling of giving reverence or honor to God? I mean, we pray before we eat our food, so how much more important should it be to pray before we go before God’s people to minister? Is it that we, deep within, feel a sense of entitlement to our instruments or the things we do in ministry? Or is it simply ignorance that it’s something that we don’t need to do or we don’t regard it as being significant? Now I’m not talking about going into deep intercession before you touch a key(though if you want to do that that’s perfectly fine), but a simple prayer where you honor His presence and ask him to use your gift for His glory. Without going to deep in this post, the Levites who were biblical musicians that were also priests(hence the term “minister of music”), in the scripture had a process of consecration that they had to go through before they played before the presence of God and his people. Prayer is a simple way to consecrate yourself before ministering through music. It prepares your heart for worship and invites his presence to guide you as you play. So, I’m challenging you and reminding myself to get back to praying before you play! For those of you that maybe new to this or might need a little help I’m gonna share with you this simple prayer (that only takes a few seconds) that I pray every Sunday before I touch the keys:

“Lord God, thank you for the gift you’ve given me to use for your glory. I pray that you guide my hands and focus my heart to be sensitive to the move of your spirit today. I decrease that you might increase in me that you might receive glory and honor from my vessel. In Jesus name I pray amen!”