Any musician knows that in order to get better at playing you need to practice. We all know that practice prepares us for performance, that it helps us perfect new concepts, chord progressions, licks and runs. So we spend hours going over these things trying to get the rhythm right, trying to get our fingering right, trying to make sure everything is in sync so that when that moment comes during our performance we can properly execute the run, riff, or progression in order to amaze our listeners at our playing ability and skill. To make it seem as though this all comes so naturally to us. If only the listener could hear the 50 times that you messed that run up before you got it right. Point is, we all understand the value of practice and results that come from it. But I wonder how many of us actually practice the Presence of God? How much time do you spend preparing your heart for His presence? How many times a week do you go over the principles of His word? How hard do you try to perfect the things in your life that you are having trouble with? How many hours do you spend trying to make sure that the rhythm of your soul is in sync with His Spirit? As gospel musicians, worship pastors, ministers of music, drummers, organists and guitarists we must understand that practicing His Presence is more important than learning all of the chops, than learning licks, riffs, and runs. His presence is what separates us from secular musicians. Anyone with the proper practice of an instrument can play our music. But the key ingredient that separates the minstrel from the musician is His Presence and His anointing. My challenge to you this week is along with your practice time on what ever instrument that you play. Spend some time each day “practicing the presence of God”