So what is MainStage? MainStage is a performance software for musicians that is used to play and or utilize virtual instruments and effects from your computer in a live setting. It is also the sister software to Logic Pro, a digital audio workstation or DAW used by world renown producers and studios around the world for music production mixing and mastering. MainStage houses all of the software instruments and effects that have been used in professional recordings for over 2 decades! And now with this software you have the ability to use all of these sounds and effects in your live playing for a fraction of the price of what it costs to buy logic! MainStage only costs $29, I mean some of us we spend more than $30 a month at mcdonalds…why not spend it on something to help further your music? But If you are reading this post you have probably either purchased this software or are looking to buy it and wondering what this software has to offer you? Well..If you’re a keyboard player you can plug in your midi keyboard via USB, pull up a couple of sounds and start playing. If you’re a guitarist, their are a plethora of amps, effects and even a virtual pedalboard where you can play with a variety of pedal combinations to create your perfect sound for that lead guitar solo after the bridge. Are you a drummer? MainStage is for you too! You can hook up a Drumpad to trigger some drum sounds or even plug in afull e-kit and play some of the built in drumkits that MainStage has to offer. Singers can use the same studio class vocal effects that built in in a live worship service. Heck, even Front of House guys can use this as a virtual mixing environment. So no matter what you do, musically that is, MainStage has something to offer you to help you enhance your ministry of music.


Check out my Video Series below on YouTube that has plenty of videos that dig deep into some of the features of MainStage!