So what is layering? You maybe hearing guys saying stuff like “Doc that is a phat layer” or asking “man what kind of layers is he using?” A layer is simply a combination of more than one sound on your keyboard or using softsynths on your computer. It’s real simple…say you have a piano sound on the keyboard or on your computer. And then you add a string sound to it. Suddenly you have an awesome combination that adds more depth and richness to the chords or notes you are playing. A layer can be as simple as two sounds or as complex as 8 or 9 sounds. It’s up to you to experiment with different sound combinations to come up with your own layers that compliment your style.

Check out this amazing video of Abel Mendoza using some amazing Layering on this song he’s playing using his custom patches that he has created for MainStage and Logic Pro called Synthstation! If you are interested in purchasing this pack of sounds check his website: