I’m definitely not saying that musicians should not strive to be better…to practice, to perfect etc. I myself put hours of time weekly into practicing and learning and perfecting my craft….Honestly that is a given when it comes to playing any instrument…However this post was not meant to target that….more so to engage the minds of the minstrels to focus more on the spiritual aspect of playing….Anyone with the proper practice can play our music…but it is the spiritual that separates us from secular musicians…We all got the chops…and if you don’t the chops are only a couple of youtube videos and a few hours of practice away from learning….the problem is that now in this day and time musicians spend more time on their playing style and not enough time on Lifestyle….they can play the contemporary gospel west coast style…they can play every shout bump that comes out…they know how to back the preacher up….but they lack character…they don’t have integrity, they don’t reverence God in their day to day living, they surf Facebook and instagram while the preacher is preaching…..oh but they are SKILLFUL….Skill is good (and you should be skilled to some degree if you want to be a musician) but skill is not necessarily a requirement when it comes to God moving…..So many instances across scripture where God took someone that had no skill in a particular area and empowered them to do amazing things….Abraham was 100 but God made him a father of nations….Moses stuttered and was a coward yet God used him to speak to nations….David himself was a Shepard that God made a king…Jesus was a carpenter from an impoverished town called nazareth that became the savior of the world! and so on and so on….truth that skill is good…and i’m not putting it down…but truth be told after looking at all of the examples across scripture you will find that sometimes God just needs a willing heart and faith! Again understand I am NOT putting down skill…I think if you call yourself a musician there are certain competent factors that prove that you are one just like any other field of study…doctors, lawyers, preachers, should all have a level of competency and credentials that prove that they are capable of operating in their field of study. With that said there are always a code of ethics that they must follow in their particular fields…this post is a reminder to musicians of the code of ethics they should abide by in this field…not an attack on their skill level….but an encouragement to remember that it’s not just about skill in this field…like I said anyone skilled enough can play…but it’s that spiritual focus that will guide you through no matter what skill level you are presently at.