As I sat down at my keyboard at church today….I realized that I’ve been playing for the same church for almost 22 years! Which in this day and time most musicians won’t stay at a church for 22 months nonetheless 22 years…I realized that I’ve been here not because I didn’t have any other opportunity…or because family was here…cause I’ve had PLENTY of amazing offers and money etc…but I’ve been here because I understood and know that I’m supposed to be here spiritually…that I’m supposed to serve here…not for the money…not for the position…not for the people…but for purpose…and I’ll continue to serve here until God directs me otherwise…I didn’t leave when things in ministry got tight and they couldn’t pay me a lot…I didn’t leave when people upset me(there have been too many of those situations to count) I stayed because it was what God has told me to do…I stayed because I understand the value of having a spiritual father…I stayed because I understand the value of faithfulness and servanthood! Too many times musicians look a church as a “Gig” and quite truthfully it is so much more than a way to pay your bills…I can remember quite vividly a time where I didn’t make a dime for it…but I did it because i felt It was my service to God. And he provided for me in various other sources…nowadays musicians will leave a ministry and run to another for $10 more than what they making. I can without doubt or reservation say that I am where I am now today in my spiritual life…my marriage, my family, my finances, and my businesses because of my service and my faithfulness to my ministry and my man of God. And sadly too many cats have and will forsake an untold amount of blessings because they don’t understand the value of serving faithfully!!