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Private Lessons
Weekly 30-minute sessions to strengthen your weaknesses, highlight your strong  areas and to foster seeds of success.

Recitals, live performance opportunities, community events, that will give you an opportunity to learn what it means to be a true performer.

Monthly tuition:
Our monthly tuition is $80.00

Registration Fee:

$20.00 (One time)

*Tuition must be paid by the first week of each month
Ask about our multiple student discount program.



At Dynamics we use the latest in music technology and software to create a versitile and interactive learning enviornment for all our students.









Minister of Music Training

One thing that the church is in need of and that is more serious, dedicated and qualified Ministers of Music. With well over 20 years of combined training experience, our instructors have the tools to train you to be able to effectively engage your congregation with the spirit of worship through music.





The Guitar School

The Stage… the crowd made up of thousands of your adoring fans….watching, waiting,and  anticipating the first chord….holding up T-shirts and Cd’s with your bands name on it. It’s what you are thinking about as you are standing in front of that electric guitar at the local pawn shop! Weather you wanna be the next pop sensation or if you just wanna strum around on some chords during your spare time. We’ve got the tools to direct you to your place of destiny.





The Piano School

Have you ever envisioned your self traveling the nations onstage playing your keyboard? Maybe you had a dream that you were going to be the next American popstar.  Maybe you wanna be the next singer, songwriting sensation. Maybe none of these things remotely interest you and you would just like to sit down at the piano and play your favorite tune.  No matter the dream or ambition, we have the tools to help you get the process started.





The Vocal School

Do-Re-Me….La, La, La….Mi, Mi, Mi…get that voice warmed up! You just may be the next American….., or maybe you are ready to put on your Sunday’s ….. or maybe you just wanna fine tune your “Shower Voice”. Weather it is for the big stage or the Sunday morning choir, we have the tools to set you on the path to success! Expect to motivated, encouraged and critiqued to help you produce a better sound out of the world’s most used instrument….THE VOICE!