MainStage Template -MKS


Love to use the MKSensation plugin for MainStage? Here’s the perfect template made just to work with it!

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-Mapped exclusively to work with the MKSensation Sound Library by Gospel Musicians(

-Intuitive Interface that models the look and feel of the plugin

-50 of MainStage’s best keyboard patches and combinations hand-picked and created by John Mike

Requirements:(*means Optional)

-MainStage 3
-Midi Keyboard(USB)
-*Controller with at least 8-12 Pads or assignable buttons
Plugins Required
-*Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Player(
-*Gospel Musicians MKSensation Library(

Please Note the plugins required for this template are optional. The Gospel Musicians MKSensation Sound Library is NOT included in the download of this template. By purchasing this template without having the library  the channels and patches that include them will show up as inactive and you will be notified that these plugins are not available on your system. However all routing, aux buses and button/pad/knob assignments will still be active. You will have to replace the missing sounds with either sounds from MainStage or whatever your favorite sound library may be.