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Click below to upload your session file/Bounced Stems that you would like for us to Mix/Master for you and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Make sure that any audio files are not “clipping” (for a reference as to what clipping is please refer to this VideoALL SESSION FILES AND OR BOUNCED AUDIO STEMS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN A ZIPPED FOLDER! Check the videos below on how to do this. Click on choose file and then choose the zip folder that you want to send us. Please include a ruff mix for us to reference from along with your audio session file. Make sure the reference file is in .mp3 format. Make sure all audio files in the session are named correctly using conventional naming methods like “Verse 1″ Chorus_soprano” or “Bridge_John” (i.e. no “audio 1 or audio 2_3”) Before you submit the file(s) please fill out the short form below with your email and a brief message stating your needs for this project. Make sure that you provide as many clear and concise statements and give all details regarding your project. (i.e. I want the song to be mixed and mastered for radio. Or I need just the music to be mixed do not touch the vocals.) Any files received without notification will be deleted. Thanks!!


Mix Preparation Checklist:(all files received must meet criteria or it will be rejected)

-Make sure all audio files are not clipping(-6dB is a good reference volume level)

-Bounced Stem Files Folder or Audio Session File Folder zipped(ProTools or Logic  session files only if you recorded in another DAW please bounce out mono stem files)

-Ruff Mp3 Mix

-Clean up Audio File Names

-Fill out Project Details Form


Please submit your audio session here:


  • Please fill out this form completely and we will get in touch with you shortly.(Please allow up to 24 hours for response and acknowledgment of files received)

  • Should be Empty:

Check out these videos on how to zip your Session.